I have always been someone who tends to hyperfocus on the task at hand. When I was studying, I bled my textbooks. When I am at work, I give it 110%. When I am with my family, I give them my full attention. Starting my business was no different. I spend long hours hunting for inventory, photographing inventory, measuring inventory, posting inventory online, preparing for pop-ups, prepping for markets, advertising on social media, answering customer inquiries, writing blog posts…. in addition to my 40 hour a week job. As with anyone, life doesn’t stop….and I don’t want it to. As much as I love down time, I love to be busy.

I noticed a different feeling creeping in over the past 2 months. This feeling is something I am trying to change. I am and always have been VERY hard on myself. I know I’m not alone in this. I push myself beyond what I think is good or even healthy, just to put myself an inch ahead of where I was yesterday. I feel guilty if I spend time on Pinterest, as opposed to writing, or advertising, or connecting, or making product alterations. I don’t feel as carefree as I once did when I choose to listen to music, over a podcast that could teach me how to further my business. Sometimes, despite how absolutely passionate you are about your thing, despite how you wish there were more hours in the day (and that you didn’t have to use any of them to sleep), sometimes the long late hours lead to poor dietary choices, less self care, and less showing up for those who matter most.

I didn’t believe it at first, and would roll my eyes when I heard business coaches talk about how taking care of yourself is the key to furthering your business. Today was the first day in months that I got up 30 minutes earlier than I normally would, put on my yoga clothes, and returned to my practice. We all have things that feed out soul, and by that I mean those things that are truly ONLY about taking a moment for yourself and telling yourself you’re worth the same effort and commitment that your business (or whatever your thing is) is worth. You’re worth more. If you don’t maintain a vessel, it breaks down. If the vessel breaks down, it will never reach its destination. Self care, and spending time with loved ones is a guiding light and a vital necessity in everyone’s life. Do not be fooled into thinking that productivity equates to operating at the level of AI. We are not machines, so we cannot merely feed on instructions and oil. At that I say good night- I am cuddling up with my family to watch Stranger Things and make my husband popcorn.

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