Let Wild Ways Vintage be
your Personal Stylist!

Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of thrifting?

Sourcing a sustainable wardrobe from scratch can be time consuming, and overwhelming. This is where my twenty plus years of secondhand shopping experience comes into play. It is my goal to help you develop a wardrobe you will feel amazing in, all while remaining independent of the fast fashion industry.

My personal styling services start with a short consultation to discuss your preferences in fit, style, colour, brands and overall aesthetic. This is followed by your creation of a Pinterest board titled “My Ideal Capsule”, in which you will pin several outfits that would make up your perfect wardrobe. You will add me as a collaborator on that board, and send your measurements to me.

From there I help you in two ways:

Personal Shopping

Based on this Pinterest board, you will go through your closet to decide what pieces will work in your new wardrobe, and which ones to donate/consign/swap. Also based on your Pinterest board, I will source sustainable fashion pieces for you to add to your wardrobe, and together we will create the capsule of your dreams.

Thrift Mentor

Based on this Pinterest board, I will mentor you in the art of thrift. I will help you learn how to source for yourself!  There are a lot of tips and tricks in shopping secondhand, one of the biggest being to keep an open mind! I have introduced a number of people to secondhand shopping over the years and it would be my pleasure to do the same for
you!  You’ll be surprised by the treasures we’ll find!